RoseAnne Holladay Photography: Blog en-us (C) RoseAnne Holladay Photography [email protected] (RoseAnne Holladay Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:36:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:36:00 GMT RoseAnne Holladay Photography: Blog 80 120 In Defense of Winter Beautiful snow fall last night left us with about 8 inches of fresh, clean whiteness on top of what was already there. And it’s snowing again; but I digress…

Snow coating the trees and branchesSnow painting

It seems that since I started really concentrating on my photography winter has become more and more beautiful and less and less of a chore to survive. The snowshoes and cross-country skis have resurfaced after being stored for several years and I find myself hoping for “just one more snowstorm”.

Opening in the treesThe Hiding Place

 One of the things I love about winter is the way the snow changes the whole look of the world around us. The blue of the sky seems different. The brown bark stands out in stark contrast to the snow and becomes a dominant color complimenting the blue in the sky and the dark green evergreens. And the textures – oh, my – the textures.  Again, bark and branches and dirt roads, all which seem to have a supporting role in the tapestry of summer, have their opportunity to shine in the winter.

The Beauty of Bark

So, this morning I strapped on the snowshoes and set out around the property behind our house. I took my 50mm instead of my usual zoom because I wanted to focus on texture and lines rather than large or distant vistas. I was glad, though, that I stuck my wide-angle in my backpack, because there were a couple of “Narnia” scenes I could not resist.

Sumac and snowSumac and Snow The MazeThe Maze

Oh, what a glorious morning!

Hat on ski poles in the snowTrail's rest

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New Snow on an Old Bridge I just love new snow! After several days of cold, barren landscapes The coast of Maine was coated with a few inches of the white flakes during Saturday night and Sunday morning. On our way to church I noted a little island in the Pemaquid River behind the town information booth of Bristol, Maine.  About 3 o’clock in the afternoon I finally crossed the little footbridge to the island and was delighted to see this view down river.

This little stone arch bridge on the Benner Road in Bristol Mills was built around 1857 and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2003. A short distance downstream from this bridge is a dam whose presence forms a very popular swimming hole. Starting at the launching ramp just above the bridge is a peaceful kayaking and canoeing route heading upriver to Biscay Pond and beyond.

While I took numerous pictures of the new snow during the day, this was my favorite shot. Today it just speaks peace to me.

click on the picture to see a larger view in the gallery

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Sunset and Surf Note:  Click on the pictures to view them in the gallery in larger sizes.

On Sunday afternoon, I was traveling home after a full day of church, dinner out with the family, and a little grocery shopping when I noticed the beautiful light pouring through the clouds which were tightly scattered across the sky. Wanting to get some pictures of the rays of sun filtering down to the ocean off of Pemaquid Point, I headed the 10 miles toward home to change my clothes and grab my camera and tripod.

I know, I know. I never should be out and about without my camera and tripod, (head hanging down…) but I wasn’t dressed for climbing around on the rocks anyway.

Unfortunately, by the time I had changed, gathered all my gear, and headed the 3 miles to Pemaquid Point it was only a half hour until sunset. The great light I had been seeing was gone, but I arrived at the Point and found incredible surf rolling in to the rocks.

As there were already plenty of people gathered around shooting in the obvious places, I clambered down the rocks toward a small cove where I could shoot across to the opposite point and the setting sun. The spray may not be as spectacular as in the “obvious places”, but the light was wonderful, as were the circling gulls in the sunset.

Heading HomeHeading Home


I shot most of these photographs with my 18-200mm zoom lens so I could capture the power of the waves surging across the cove, although the “blue” sunset at the top was shot with my Canon 10 – 22mm wide angle lens outfitted with a neutral density filter and a polarizing filter in order to capture the beautiful clouds.

Peace Above the StormPeace Above the Storm

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