Growing up in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts and then spending all of my adult life on the coast of Maine, it seems I have always been surrounded by beautiful vistas. I grew up vacationing on Cape Cod where many of my ancestors lived and made their living from the sea. Their blood is now coursing through my veins and I never feel more free or close to God than when I am out on the ocean. Because of this, many of my favorite pictures are seascapes.

Despite my love of and connection to the ocean, I also am grateful to have the gift of being able to see and appreciate the beauty of God's creation in the changing landscapes of the United States and around the world. The diversity of that Creation is amazing and limitless. The difficult thing about being a landscape photographer is not in finding something worthy of photographing; the difficult thing is really capturing that beauty in a realistic way that does not take editorial license with the natural beauty.